In Pox, four Middle Eastern terrorists led by Ahmed Musa Mohammed infect themselves with the smallpox virus from a dying child they find with the natural disease in rural Somalia and travel to the United States to deliberately spread the infection among the crowds of Christmas shoppers in four American cities. Dr. Harry Bennett, a physician practicing near Chicago, sees the first two cases of smallpox, a mother and a daughter, and he watches helplessly as they become seriously ill and die. A few days later, Dr. Vicky Anderson, an emergency room physician in New York City, diagnoses the third case. The outbreak is recognized as a terrorist attack, but even with a massive public health response, smallpox explodes across America, engulfing the country in fear and panic. Many Americans believe that the threat of a biological terrorist attack is genuine, and POX describes a disturbing real possibility. In POX, the reader witnesses the destructiveness of self-righteous, intolerant fanatics who devise a grim plan to wreck pain and havoc on America. POX offers an intense look at how contradictory ideologies and philosophies realistically, and causes us to realize our vulnerabilities. 


A well-researched, well written thriller.
— James D. Watts, Jr., Tulsa World
Only a doctor who knows the ugly truths of death can make your skin crawl like this. Pox is a page-turner. A really good read.
— Angie Jackson, TulsaPeople Magazine
Just finished Richard Reinking’s excellent first book. Easy to read, great characters and very realistic plot make it one of my favorites for 2011. For the price it is far and away the best book I have read this year!
— Bob David, Amazon Reviewer